Watermelon B32

Watermelon produced in Iran is exported to countries such as Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Armenia, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, UAE and Bahrain and can even have a great impact on Iran trade balance. Export of Iranian watermelons to Arab countries

Fortunately, due to the suitable climate of Iran for cultivation and harvesting of watermelon, Iran has different cultivars of watermelon, such as Gharq, Khanami, Mahboubi, Sharifabadi, Hamadan Sefid and Moghan watermelon. Iranian export watermelon

Product Name :Watermelon

Type:Oval, b32, op

Customs tariff code:08071100

Maintenance:10 تا 15

Product size:Customer order

Package type :Carton box and plastic basketWatermelon for export Waùtermelon for export

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